Heavenly Father, we lift you up, we magnify you and exalt your name Lord Jesus, because you are God and God alone. Above you or beside you…there is none greater!
I pray for peace, for my family, friends and foes, we all need your peace right now. Comfort the hearts of your people and grant them peace which surpasses all understanding.
These are perilous times in which we live, but you promised that if we would abide under the shadow of your wings, that no plaque would come near us, you said that your grace would be sufficient in times like these and that your strength would be made perfect in our weakness.

Lord, we need you! Forgive us of our sins and wash our slates clean.we turn our hearts back to you.
For you are faithful and just…ready to forgive us of all unrighteous and you’ve promised to heal our land. Heal our land, lord god…heal our land! In Jesus name.
Bless everyone that has been tagged in this prayer! Amen.

Pastor Tyree